Ques 1. what’s Accelerator key?
Ans.For home windows, a keyboard accelerator is represented by means of an underlined letter on a button, menu or different label. On latest versions of home windowsthey’re hidden till you press the Alt key. Then you may hit that letter to pick the menu, button or other input manipulate.

Ques 2. what’s BIOS (simple input and Output software)?
Ans.BIOS stands for simple enter and Output software program. The BIOS is a software program that controls the essential operations of a computer and a BIOS is essential with a view to start a pcwithout a BIOS, a laptop might now not know a way to speak with its difficult disk and different devices. The BIOS is saved on a ROM (examine-simple reminiscencecomputer chip in the laptop. Many computer systems in the past few years use “Flash EPROM” chips, this means that the BIOS chip can be reprogrammed with an up to date BIOS. A BIOS may additionally need to be up to date to restoration bugstogether with the 12 months 2000 worm, or a replacement can be important on the way to help new hardware protocols.

Ques 3. What are the variations among an interface and an abstract elegance?
Ans.An abstract elegance can also contain code in method our bodies, which isn’t always allowed in an interface. With abstract trainingyou need to inherit your magnificence from it and Java does no longer allow multiple inheritances. alternativelyyou can enforce a couple of interfaces to your elegance.
abstract elegance is used only when there’s an “IS-A” sort of courting between the training. Interfaces may be applied by using classes that are not related to one another and there may be “HAS-A” relationship.
You can’t expand a couple of summary magnificenceyou may implement a couple of interfaces.
abstract magnificence can be applied a few methods also. Interfaces can not put into effect methods.
With abstract classesyou are grabbing away each class’s individuality. With Interfaces, you’re merely extending every elegance’s capability.

Ques 4. what’s the Operating System?
Ans.working device, or OS, is a software program that allows the computer hardware to talk and operate with the laptop software programwithout a computer operating gadget, a computer might be useless.

Ques 5. What are the fundamental functions of an operating gadget?
Ans. working machine controls and coordinates the usage of the hardware some of the various applications programs for numerous usesoperating device acts as resource allocator and supervisorgiven that there are many possibly conflicting requests for assets the working gadget have to determine which requests are allotted resources to operating the pc gadget efficaciously and fairlyadditionally, working gadget is managed application which controls the user packages to save you mistakes and flawed use of the computerit is mainly involved in the operation and management of I/O gadgets.

Ques 6. What are the two types of transmission technology to be had?
Ans. (i) Broadcast and (ii) point-to-point

Ques 7. what’s subnet?
Ans. A popular time period for a segment of a huge network normally separated by a bridge or router.

Ques 8what is SAP?
Ans. series of interface points that permit different computer systems to communicate with the alternate layers of network protocol stack.

Ques 9. What are the feasible methods of facts trade?
Ans. (i) Simplex (ii) half-duplex (iii) complete-duplex.

Ques 10. what is body relay, in which layer it comes?
Ans. frame relay is a packet switching erait will function within the facts link layer.